NEW QUADROCOPTER based on the magnus effect

Conquering the sky
Power. Speed. Endurance. Aesthetics.
Conquering the sky
Power. Speed. Endurance. Aesthetics.

The unmanned aerial vehicle is made of lightweight composite materials in order to reduce weight and increase maneuverability. The strength of the composite material to fly at extremely high altitudes.

The drone is planned to be equipped with any equipment, with installation inside the case. The drone can carry out patrolling and duty both in automatic mode and on a flight mission.

We offer a solution for the specific tasks of the Customer or to make a joint project for the expansion of new markets.
The main task is to create a low—noise unmanned aerial vehicle for vertical takeoff and landing with a large payload.

The essence of the invention is the possibility of increasing the load capacity of the apparatus and reducing noise during its operation, thanks to the claimed device, with closed screws (impellers), during rotation of which, forced gas (air) flows are created directed at rotating cylinders, creating a Magnus effect as a result.
the project uniqueness
Domestic patenting
Two patents for the invention
International priority of the PCT application
International level
Applications for international patenting have been submitted to the following countries: Turkey, UAE, China, Iran, USA, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan and the European Patent Office
more features
Cargo transportation
The carrying capacity of the UAV allows you to transport loads of more than 50 kg over distances of more than 100 km
Rescue of people in an emergency
Portable and research capabilities of the aircraft allow you to transport a person from the scene of an accident to a safe location
Extinguishing fires
The ability to transport loads (including capacitive ones) weighing more than 50 kg allows the device to make a significant contribution in case of fires, especially in hard-to-reach fire zones
«The Mongoose» Project
Duty and patrolling of violators of the airspace of the urban environment
Special purpose tasks
High rates of high-speed, lifting characteristics of the device allow you to perform complex operations of high importance for safety purposes
The absence of conventional screws made it possible to significantly reduce the noise level
and safety

The working parts of the quadcopter are not afraid of obstacles in the form of branches, power lines, as well as weather conditions in the form of rain and hail
Due to the use of a new manufacturing technology and the principle of operation of the device, the ratio of dimensions to useful take-off weight has been increased several times
business model
under license:
of non-exclusive
rights to READ:
Placing orders at the existing production sites of partners around the world and manufacturing various types of UAVs under license
Creation of a full production cycle of carriers(platforms) and UAVs for various purposes.
15 national phases
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